Events Calendar

This page will give you an overview of the events organized by the Association, its partners and its teams.

Annual General Assembly

The Annual General Assembly of the AQBRS will take place on Saturday May 9th at 1pm at the following address:


100, rue de la Mairie



Even though the number of votes is limited, we want to make this meeting accessible to all of our members.

Funds for New Initiatives Committee

Following discussions with the Ministry of Public Safety of Québec, we created a provincial committee in order to prepare an application aimed for benefiting from a Fund for New Initiatives from the National Search and Rescue Secretariat.


This committee’s mandate is to identify the operational needs of our districts in order to make them self-sufficient during searches in which our teams take part.


Members of the AQBRS can get involved in this committee or follow its progress by visiting the Team’s Page (reserved).


More details on the Team's Page (reserved).

February 15th 2014 will mark the end of the present regional coordinators’ mandate and the election of their replacements.  A page is entirely dedicated to the nomination and election processes.


See the Coordinators Election page (closed).

Feasibility Studies for a Training Video

Raynald Leclerc, vice-president of the AQBRS, has been mandated to analyze the feasibility of the making of a training video for the Association’s members.  Of course, Raynald needs you.


If you would like to see your team in this video, contact Raynald.  We need you to bring this project to life.


Raynald’s email address:


Vidéo de formation (1) Copy.pdf
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National Canine Standards Committee


Following a Manitoban initiative, the Ground SAR Council created a committee in order to develop a national canine standard.


As we know, the AQBRS adopted such standards in 2008. Ours were developed in accordance with our needs in Québec. Discussions with the rest of the country are underway in order to try to create a national standard. Guy Lapointe, from Sauvetage Mauricie K9, will act in the name of the AQBRS in this committee. Pierre Jacques, from the Sûreté du Québec, will also take part in this committee.


On October 16th 2014, we received a draft of the standard. This draft was the subject of the last Sarscene and we are now waiting for feedbacks from this meeting.


The draft is available for download here:

National Standard - GSAR Canine Certific
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