The FORS Project Seminar will take place on March 22nd and 23rd 2014

Members of LERPA and the Association directors are glad to invite you to the seminar which constitutes the last step of the FORS Project.  This seminar will take place on March 22nd and 23rd at the Pourvoirie du Lac Blanc, in Saint-Alexie-des-Mont in Mauricie.


Text from David Mepham of LERPA:


This activity is aimed for every team of the AQBRS which will have to be represented by one of its members at the seminar.  The same goes for the representatives of our partners (Sûreté du Québec and Ministry of Public Safety).


The main goals of this seminar are the followings:


  • To present to the teams representatives and to the partners the progress of the FORS project;
  • To unveil the educational documents for self-training within the teams: training sheets, check lists, etc.;
  • To demonstrate the potential use of those documents and tools;
  • To demonstrate the comprehensiveness of the FORS approach, and the main assessments of the authorized representatives;
  • To allow the AQBRS directors to share their visions of the project’s continuation and the strategies to adopt to make the benefits of the move durable.




Some information to help you plan your participation:


When : March 22nd and 23rd 2014


Schedule : From Saturday 18h30 to Sunday 16h00.


Financing : Accommodation will be defrayed by the FORS Project for one representative per team on Saturday March 22nd.


Breakfast and lunch on Sunday March 23rd will also be defrayed by the FORS Project.


Transportation costs will be defrayed at the rate of 0,15$/km by the FORS Project.  N.B.: You will have to show a receipt from a nearby gas station on your arrival.


FORS Project Symposium took place on March 23rd and 24th 2013

It is last March 23rd and 24th that the FORS Project symposium took place at the Château Mont Sainte-Anne.  This symposium is an excellent opportunity offered to the Search and Rescue volunteers all across Québec to take advantage of training sessions and to exchange with other volunteers.

Search and Rescue volunteers from all corners of the province were invited to this symposium created by the LERPA.


The Sûreté du Québec, the Ministry of Public Safety, the National Search and Rescue Secretariat, the Canadian Forces and the AQBRS are partners for the creation of this symposium.


Every attendee is unanimous: the symposium was a great success.  Congratulations to the organizers.

Les Exercices de Recherche et Sauvetage (ERES)

Following the symposium of last March, the ERES (Search and Rescue Exercises – Exercices de Recherche et Sauvetage) occurred.  What a great opportunity for Québec’s Search and Rescue volunteers to exchange and learn by practicing new techniques!  The first ERES took place in Saguenay in June, and two others took place in Laurentides in September.  Over one hundred members took part and they are unanimous: it was a great success.


We would like to thank people from the Ministry of Public Safety of Québec and from the National Search and Rescue Secretariat for allowing the activities to take place.  A masterful job that every volunteers will sure remember.