How You Can Help

The AQBRS is a non-profit organization registered as a charity, which allows us to issue charitable tax receipt.


Just like many other organizations, the AQBRS is suffering from budget cuts.  Even though the Ministry of Public Safety of Quebec covers our members in case of accident and their expenses during public authorities requested deployments, we do not have access to governmental financial assistance of any sort.  This financial coverage is not applied when our members are deployed following the calls of families.


Training competent members and offering them the equipment they need in order to accomplish their missions is expensive.  At the moment, in addition to their time, our members and our teams are defraying all of the expenses related to their training and the purchasing of their gear, which represents significant amount.


Unless they are affiliated to a municipality’s public safety program, our teams have to organize financing activities which barely help them to keep afloat.  In most cases, our teams subsist thanks to public donations.


You can contribute to our cause!

Corporate Donations

Québec’s businesses can help us in many ways: useful search and rescue gear donation, discount for our members, or money donations.

Individual Donations

We accept and greatly enjoy individual donations, regardless of the amount of money.  Individual donations are our main means of funding.  These donations are mainly used to promote the Association so that the families of a missing person can hear about our teams, who are essential but unknown, and know that we are there for them.


You can contact me via email or give me a call:


Thank you in advance for your generosity.


Guy Lapointe, president

(450) 530-7804