Roll of Honour

This page of our website tells you about the recognitions and distinctions awarded to searchers and volunteer search and rescue organizations, members of the Association.

Diamond Jubilee Medal awarded to Manon Côté (2012) 

In recognition of her contribution in the service of Canada for her work and involvement in the search and rescue group Sherbrooke Haut St-François (RSSHSF) that goes beyond the duty, Manon Côté received from the hands of the Lieutenant Governor Quebec diamond Medal Jubilee presented in commemoration of the sixtieth anniversary of the accession of Her Majesty to the throne.

Honorable Mention awarded to Mr. Sandy Pyke (2011) 

At the Eleventh Conference of Public Safety held in 2011, Mr. Pyke was awarded this honorable mention for his involvement as a volunteer coordinator for the Montérégie.


Congratulations Sandy.

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Mention awarded to Guy Lapointe honor (2010) 

Guy Lapointe of Sauvetage canin des Laurentides was awarded an honorable mention in the 10th conference of the Civil Security. 

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Price "Tribute" award to Ms. Carol Ann Namur (2009) 

Ms. Carol Ann Namur of Sauvetage Canada Rescue volunteer group was awarded for her contribution during the 9th conference of the Civil Security. 

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Certificate of Merit awarded to Mr. Roland Hanel (2008) 

Roland Hanel Group Search and Rescue "SAR Global 1" was awarded a Certificate of Merit during the 2008 Sarcene congress.

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René Marchand became an honorary member of the AQBRS (2008) 

Captain René Marchand of the Sûreté du Québec has been recognized for his involvement with the association and it was received as an honorary member. 

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Medal awarded of the National Assembly awarded to Mr. Yves Duguay-Gagné (2008) 

Mr. Yves Duguay-Gagné from Recherhe et Sauvetage Québec-Métro (RSQM) received a medal from the National Assembly, in recognition for his role in the field of search and rescue. 

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Recognition awarded to Guy Lapointe during Sarcene conference in 2006. 

During Sarcene conference held in Gatineau in 2006, Guy Lapointe of Sauvetage Canin des Laurentides was given a certificate to mark his work with canine teams. 

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