Our Specializations

In order to ensure a certain level of quality of service for the public authorities and families that request our help, members of the Association receive a complete training on every aspects of the search of a missing person.


Every team is responsible for the training of its members.  In collaboration with the Sûreté du Québec, the Ministry of Public Safety and the AQBRS supervise the training by enforcing a certification and every volunteers must be found to be in compliance with it.


The basic training includes:

  • First Aid and CPR;

  • Map and Compass;

  • GPS;
  • Ground Search Techniques;

  • Crime Scene Protection;

  • Wilderness Survival.

Additional training may be added.


Our training and certification standards are very strict.  The majority of our members are specialised in ground searches, but some chose to work in other fields.  The collaboration between all of our resources greatly increases the chances to find a missing person.


Here’s an overview…

Ground Searchers

ATV, Snowmobile & Other Vehicle Operators

Canine Units